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Indications for radiotherapy

Treatment with ionizing radiation may be the only treatment for:

pituitary gland tumors,

brain tumors,

nasal cavity cancer,

lymphomas in a single site,

surgically impossible to remove plasma cell neoplasms and mast cell tumors,

squamous cell carcinomas,

malignant melanomas,

high-grade soft tissue sarcomas.

Radiotherapy is often a method that significantly improves treatment outcomes:

intermediate to high-grade sarcoma,

mast cell tumors,

malignant melanomas,


histiocytic sarcomas,

anal sinus tumors.

As a palliative procedure (primarily improving the quality of life), radiotherapy can be used in:

brain tumors,

inoperable bone tumors,

nasal cavity cancers,

prostate cancer,

cancer of the anal sinuses,


malignant melanomas.

Radiotherapy can be used as an effective anti-inflammatory treatment in diseases: