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Our mission

Unfortunately, cancers are diagnosed more and more often in our four-legged friends because of the gradually extending time of their lives and increasing environmental pollution. Many years ago, while studying veterinary medicine in Poland, we dreamed that one day we would be able to provide our animals with the best possible methods of help.

Radiotherapy is a method that is the second most important and effective method of treating cancer in humans and animals, next to surgery.

Five years ago, we gathered a group of people who wanted to do something exciting and good at the same time. Each of them had different competences (there was only one veterinarian in the group) and a slightly different goal, but we found a common denominator for them. The result is something that seemed unimaginable – we are supplementing the offer of care for accompanying animals in Poland with radiotherapy.

Now we can provide our loving friends with help on a similar level as they receive in the most developed countries of the world. This is thanks to our equipment on the one hand, and to the group of veterinarians who are “not completely normal” on the other. Traveling around the world, gaining experience and education, we have seen many places where radiotherapy was used as a standard method of treatment.

From the very beginning, our center was built with the assumption that we will only deal with radiotherapy, so that every patient admitted could benefit from this particular treatment.

We are the first and only veterinary radiotherapy center in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe equipped with a linear accelerator.

Our goal is to take joy working for the benefit of our patients, their carers, our colleagues and finally the country.