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Our center is equipped with a diagnostic PET-CT scanner Philips Gemini GXL, which:

  • consists of a Philips Brilliance CT computer tomograph,
  • has a flat table for planning radiotherapy,
  • allows easy access to the patient thanks to the separation between the diagnostic parts
  • has the ability to extend the diagnostic spectrum to include PET,
  • allows for diagnostics of both small and large animals, thanks to a wide voltage range, which at the same time enables the adjustment (limitation) of the diagnostic dose,
  • has 16 independent rows of detectors allowing to obtain a minimum layer thickness of 0.65 mm,
  • It is equipped with an automatic table that allows for dynamic tests and integration with an automatic syringe and ECG or respiratory gating systems.
Computer tomograph

The basic RTWet equipment is a Varian Clinac 600 CD linear accelerator with a nominal energy of 6 MeV photons, equipped with:

  • a therapeutic head with a Millenium MLC120 multi-leaf collimator consisting of 120 leaves in two banks of 60 leaves each, powered by electric micromotors, with a maximum area of 40×40 cm in the isocenter,
  • optical telemetry and light simulation carried out in fiber optic technology,
  • double dosimetry system with a blockade set at 1.5% of exceeding the symmetry of the field and monitoring of exceeding the dose in the pulse,
  • visualization system Portal Vision aS500 for the Clinac 600 CD accelerator allowing the visualization of the patient’s internal structures in the light of the therapeutic beam, fully integrated in the used VARiS Vision 6.5 system, including the aS500 detector – the most modern detector based on amorphous silicon with a special detector arm of the R-Arm type
Linear accelerator

Our linear accelerator enables us to:

  • performing all classical, static irradiation techniques,
  • an extended dynamic wedge program to generate the distribution of wedge isodoses thanks to the computer-controlled movement of the jaws of an asymmetric collimator,
  • automatic field sequencing,
  • defining the shape of the irradiation field with the MLC multi-leaf collimator,
  • automatic transmission of treatment plans,
  • automatic registration and verification of radiotherapeutic data,
  • dynamic therapy dIMRT Sliding Window,
  • dynamic rotation therapy – an advanced, specialized system of dynamic control of a multi-leaf collimator enables automatic change of collimator leaf settings during the rotation of the accelerator head.